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Monday, 5 August 2013

My Fear of Commitment in a Relationship

Commitment to some of us is such a huge and ugly word. Do some of us know what it truly means? Well I can tell you, that it means that it’s a pledge, or a promise, or engaging in oneself. But when thought through, it depends on the situation. Commitment to me can be always being there for my kids, family and yes, some friends too. For millions of us, the fear of commitment in a relationship is such an emotional feeling. It doesn't have to relate to our children, our family, or our friends. Commitment in a relationship is the mind, soul, body and feelings. 

I can be committed to my family and friends at any given time, day or night. But downright, when it comes to a relationship, I will freak. When it comes to dating, or even the thought of falling in love, I run the other direction, as in the Movie, "Run Away Bride". My fear of that word just freaks me to no end. I see too many relationships and marriages ending in divorce and calling it quits. Continue...

How Men behave when they are in a Relationship

When talking about men on relationships it is an integral part, for men to involve themselves extra in a relationship. Relationships are one of many things that make our life meaningful. All the more, (romantic) relationships don't only make our lives mean something, but it also in many ways dictates what we make of ourselves. Most men don’t see that! Relationships at times can make or destroy you. So the question is, how do men stay in a relationship? And what are the strategies of staying in relationship with them? While sometimes it can be simple to begin a relationship, staying in a relationship will show to be a tougher task.
Men on relationships, how do they perceive it from their point of view?
Guys want to start it right: Like every other factor, the first steps are crucial for them. If they wish to stay in a relationship, they're certainly ready to commit to the one they're in relationship with. There are occasions when a guy isn't ready to commit while being in a relationship. There is no such thing as partial commitment. Dedication must be a hundred percent. Anything less, would not be commitment at all, it is the lifeline of a relationship. Continue...

Sunday, 4 August 2013

20 things You need to do before you are 30 yrs old…

The three most important aspect of life are YOUR FAITH”, “YOUR RELATIONSHIP” AND “YOUR FINANCE”. Your faith as to what you believe in, your relationship with people, your love life and the way you make and spend your money.

A lot of people are very careless as to how they should plan their lives or probably letting people take decisions for them. Some of us just exist. Without a plan you have nothing to live for. You can apply these tips whether you are less than 30, just 30, or above 30. These tips are going to be showing you 20 things you need to do, need to have done or are long overdue in doing. Try and pass on as a lesson to the younger generation.

1.        Before 30, you need to discover yourself: It enlists you for life. A man of discovery has seen how he can contribute to life. Wole Soyinka was a great man and cannot be ignored because he discovered how he can contribute to life.
2.        You must have learnt how to use your gifting to solve problems definitely: Your purpose has the capacity to employ you for a life time. Learn how to apply your gifts. Some people are better than you not because they have more gifts, but because they have learnt how to apply their gifts to their own benefit. Continue...

10 steps to handle relationship conflicts...

Every relationship experiences some conflict. Some experience more than others, some are playful, and some are hateful. Then there are those that are never ending patterns of conflict that seem impossible to break.
If you do want to stop the cycle of conflict, consider these 10 steps to bring harmony back to your relationship. Note that this doesn't only apply to parents or boyfriends and girlfriends; these can also apply to conflicts at work as well.

1.  Cool down Time: If you've found yourself in a heated argument, the best thing you can do is walk away for a little while. Blow off some steam with a walk or by talking things out with a clear headed friend. If you just need some rest, take a nap or a meditation napBefore going separate ways take a deep breath and agree to discuss the issue later. The whole goal of separating should be to come back together with a better ability to work things out.

2.   Mutual Respect: No matter how divided you are in your positions, always remember the humanity of the other person. Keep in mind their weaknesses and frailties. Think about the respect you want and then give it unconditionally to the other person. Be kind even if you are angry. If that makes you cry instead of screaming, you'll probably find that yourself getting closer to the true root of the issue. When you get to the root, you can start solving things. Continue...

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