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Sunday, 4 August 2013

20 things You need to do before you are 30 yrs old…

The three most important aspect of life are YOUR FAITH”, “YOUR RELATIONSHIP” AND “YOUR FINANCE”. Your faith as to what you believe in, your relationship with people, your love life and the way you make and spend your money.

A lot of people are very careless as to how they should plan their lives or probably letting people take decisions for them. Some of us just exist. Without a plan you have nothing to live for. You can apply these tips whether you are less than 30, just 30, or above 30. These tips are going to be showing you 20 things you need to do, need to have done or are long overdue in doing. Try and pass on as a lesson to the younger generation.

1.        Before 30, you need to discover yourself: It enlists you for life. A man of discovery has seen how he can contribute to life. Wole Soyinka was a great man and cannot be ignored because he discovered how he can contribute to life.
2.        You must have learnt how to use your gifting to solve problems definitely: Your purpose has the capacity to employ you for a life time. Learn how to apply your gifts. Some people are better than you not because they have more gifts, but because they have learnt how to apply their gifts to their own benefit. Continue...
3.        You must have cut some ideas on how to make money: The subject of money has been abused so many times. A lot of people including believers’ suffer a lot of warped mentality about this subject because they don’t really know what God said about money. The fact that there is fake paracetamol does not mean that there are no original. Learn how to make people depend on you. You make money from other peoples’ ignorance. Either genuinely or by con. You cannot pay me to teach you what you already know. For that person to get that knowledge, it becomes beneficial to me.
4.       You must have known the definition of love: What’s the definition of love? That love that exists between a man and a woman. When you say to someone, “I love you”, what do you mean? You cannot love somebody you do not know or even somebody you just met for the first time. It’s not all about the feeling. It’s more of a choice. Love is about giving but not sex. You choose to love somebody. It’s a responsibility you choose to take upon yourself. You can like a person you just met for the first time but not love. You should have learnt how to propose to a lady. Don’t tell stories. Be sincere and straight to the point. Don’t tell lies using spiritual revelations.
5.        You must have read at least thirty books: Am talking about inspirational books not educational or books regarding your profession. No! Books that teach you about life, love and the world in general. You should possess at least thirty books of your own. Build your own library. Develop your mind. Don’t just appear like ‘it’, be ‘it’.
6.       You should have a pastor over your life: Don’t live like just anybody. It’s not about how spiritual you are. You need a covering over your life. You don’t choose your pastor, you discover him.
7.        You should be known for something: Great men are not known for everything. They are known for a specific thing and are very good at it.
8.       You should have a mentor: Don’t be emotional about choosing your mentor because sometimes people miss it and end up falling in love with their mentor. You become distracted. You need discipline in mentorship especially when opposite sex are involved. Respect your mentor. Be proud of your mentor. Learn from them.
9.       You must have learnt how to say “no” without feeling guilty: It’s one of the highest sign of maturity. Don’t always be emotional about everything.
10.     You must have conquered procrastination: It is the thief of time as well as the lazy man’s apology.
11.      You should be free to use your mind: Do your thinking yourself. Don’t live a life based on someone’s decision for you. Live for who you want to be.
12.     You should have a bank account: Have more than one bank account. Not just anyhow but designate them like: my family bank account, my personal account.
13.     You should have investments: The cheapest investment anyone can make is to buy shares from a good company that produces goods that are needed daily.
14.     You should be consistent in character: You ought to be taken for your word. Say what you mean, mean what you say. Learn how to control yourself when you have nothing to say.
15.     You should be able to choose your friends: Don’t let people force themselves on you. You can choose your friends. Decide who you want to keep around you. Birds of the same feather flock together. Mingle with like-minded people.
16.     Learn professional dinning etiquettes: This may look too simple but a lot of people ahead of us have made the same mistake and missed so many opportunities. Learn how to eat your rice and chicken, hot tea, a bowl of soup, a salad meal with the right cutleries and request leave from a dining table in a professional manner.
17.     You should be able to define your vision: Define who you are and what you want to be in one sentence.
18.     You should know how to drive a car
19.     You must have the financial ability to feed somebody else: It’s not about where you live but your financial capacity should allow you take care of someone else while still taking care of yourself.
20.    You should be born again: You should know how to love God. Seek first the kingdom of God.
Which of them have you achieved with your current age?...

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