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Sunday, 28 July 2013

Who cheats most?... Men, women or both?...

Cheating!!!!! Alot of misconceptions are given to this act. Whenever the word cheating
is mentioned, majority are quick to yell at the top of their lungs that its all
men that cheat...infact some says it runs in their blood to cheat. The honest gospel truth is, both genders cheats. Now lets talk about the men and their cheating habits. I'm actually gonna talk to the married women here because they need to
be told a few things. **Exhales**

..........You see ma'am, the mistake most women often make is focusing all
their love, time and affection on the kids once the kids starts arriving. This
mistake is often done unintentionally. . .however the men are very
jealous(take it or leave it) some of them will open up to their wives and
make feelings of lack of attention from her known, while some men will just seek refuge in the arms of some woman outside.
.........Nagging also pushes a man to cheat. So watch it.
.........Tense atmosphere in the home can make a man cheat, that is why its
adviseable you ensure the homefront is tranquil at all time.
........Hygiene is also an issue for some men. By the time you start litering
the whole house with kiddies stuffs and leaving it all messy, your man will likely keep away from the house and come home late just to sleep. Continue...

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Just began...

Dis is new.. Just started. I hope u enjoy reading my blogs...

Have fun...

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