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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

…Is there a problem in the legal profession?

I was walking along the streets of Enugu. I was confused at the interpretation of the new statue and decided to share it here to get your view on it or perhaps the people involved will throw a huge light on it. Consider the two pictures above. The first picture is the statue of the Legal profession, while the second is the recent statue which could bring serious confusion and sort of realization of what is going on in the Legal world. 
The first statue is known to be blind-folded which means that justice does not care who gets it as long as it’s fair. Its two hands are spread out on its sides with the right hand bearing a sword and the left hand bearing a weighing balance which signifies equality for both the poor masses and the elites in dishing out justice. The statue is standing straight with its clothing flowing to the ground and no part of the body exposed. Its two legs are both on a platform. This could signify that justice in the past has being fair and just, does not consider any party specially before meting out its punishment and has not being eaten up in anyway by corruption. Its posture is strict and not lousy. Please continue after the cut…

The second statue is seen with its eyes still blind-folded, the right hand bearing the sword is pointing down on a snake, the left hand bearing the weighing balance is no longer on its side but lifted up in front of the statue, the clothing seems to be falling off its shoulders with the left thigh exposed, the body is twisted in a posing form towards the right side, the left leg is stepping on a book and the snake seems to be biting the right leg. They are standing on a round platform which could mean the world, at large. The total body posture does not exhibit strictness.
What could this possibly mean? Why is the right hand meting out justice now pointing down? Has justice being weakened? Is the equality scale of life too heavy to carry in this our times? What does the snake mean? Has corruption eaten into justice? Why is the left thigh exposed? What has being exposed? Why is the left leg on the book? Could this be the Nigerian Constitution? Why is the second statue posing? Is the Legal profession seeking attention? What could this mean for the future of the country and the profession? And what should be the layman’s interpretation of this? Are the upcoming professionals aware of the change? Were the learned colleagues informed? Is the new statue worldwide or does it appear only in Nigeria or just Enugu state?
Please express your views and make your arguments known as a Nigerian citizen and let’s get this confusion sorted out for the sake of the “un-learned” masses.


  1. I was amazed too when I first saw the statue at waec bustop, I and wondered wheither the legal luminaries knew the volume of words that piece of sculpture would speak to the general masses.. I belive there must be a strong reason for them to do that...


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