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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

…Is there a problem in the legal profession?

I was walking along the streets of Enugu. I was confused at the interpretation of the new statue and decided to share it here to get your view on it or perhaps the people involved will throw a huge light on it. Consider the two pictures above. The first picture is the statue of the Legal profession, while the second is the recent statue which could bring serious confusion and sort of realization of what is going on in the Legal world. 
The first statue is known to be blind-folded which means that justice does not care who gets it as long as it’s fair. Its two hands are spread out on its sides with the right hand bearing a sword and the left hand bearing a weighing balance which signifies equality for both the poor masses and the elites in dishing out justice. The statue is standing straight with its clothing flowing to the ground and no part of the body exposed. Its two legs are both on a platform. This could signify that justice in the past has being fair and just, does not consider any party specially before meting out its punishment and has not being eaten up in anyway by corruption. Its posture is strict and not lousy. Please continue after the cut…

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Random question

If you were given a clear crystal to look into and in it is your future. In this future, you get to see the man or woman you will fall in love with and marry in the future, your kids, the place you will work in, how rich and famous you will become, as well as the day you will die, would you look in or run? If not, why? Death is nothing to fear. We will all die someday or be raptured. Not looking in means you don’t get a chance to see your future spouse or your status in life. What is your take on this? Me? I wouldn’t like to see it, because I would feel there is no point of working for anything, when I already know when I am going to die. Which do you prefer?...

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