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Thursday, 6 February 2014

Random question

If you were given a clear crystal to look into and in it is your future. In this future, you get to see the man or woman you will fall in love with and marry in the future, your kids, the place you will work in, how rich and famous you will become, as well as the day you will die, would you look in or run? If not, why? Death is nothing to fear. We will all die someday or be raptured. Not looking in means you don’t get a chance to see your future spouse or your status in life. What is your take on this? Me? I wouldn’t like to see it, because I would feel there is no point of working for anything, when I already know when I am going to die. Which do you prefer?...

1 comment:

  1. If I'm giving an opportunity to look into my future, it will help me prepare for what is ahead....but nature did not make dat provision...if nt..dia will b trouble...bcs wen u look and c d person dat will cause ur downfall maybe....guess wat u will do to dat person.....


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