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Friday, 11 October 2013

Basic skills for marriage

I was conducting a research online and came across this and I decided to share it here with you. Basic skills you need to cultivate before you get married. A lot of guys will think this post is meant for women but i tell you the truth, having been in a relationship myself, I can boldly tell you that conception is wrong. Women are not in a relationship with themselves and so are not the only ones who need the skills. It also applies to the men because it takes two to be in a relationship, it also takes two to work out their marriage. What you need to make your marriage work and avoid break-up:

1. Emotional self-regulation. Young children often get mad, cry, or even hit their siblings. Adults, on the other hand, mostly live their lives in the calm zone. The good news is that adults who get overly emotional, (especially with anger), can learn how to overcome their anger tendencies. If you find that you raise your voice and get mad more than once every several months, or get so mad that you say and do hurtful things, you've got some important learning to do.

2. Communication. Talking tactfully, especially when the issue is something that distresses you, and listening in a way that sustains cooperation, are essential to any marriage. Talking in a way that's complaining, critical, or otherwise hurtful will get you in serious marriage trouble. Dismissing what your partner says, negating what you hear with "but", or ignoring instead of digesting what you hear, is sure to cause extreme marital woes. Continue...

3. Conflict resolution. All couples have differences. Successful couple know how to start with a "his-way" and a "her-way" and end up with an "our-way" that they both feel good about. That's true whether the issue is a simple one, like what movie to to see on Saturday night, or big issues like where to live, how to handle money, and how to keep your sex life passionate.

4. Positivity. Every time you share a smile, laugh at your partner's jokes, agree with a comment your partner said, express appreciation, thank your partner for something, or express affection, you are offering "dollops" of positivity. The more dollops you give, the happier you both will be.

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