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Wednesday, 4 September 2013

True entertainment: Mens' daydream

Hi wife, imagine what sex would be like if every time you made love, you enjoyed fulfilling sex and real connection with your husband. The kind of sex that satisfies you both at the deepest level, sex that is about feeling love, sex from the soul for the soul. Imagine what it will mean to your sex life when you know various unbelievable, incredible and fantastic ways you can pleasure him and such can take you both to the highest level of contentment.

Wife, do you know that just placing few kisses on your husband’s spine from top to bottom, especially when your tongue is close to his buttocks can set him ablaze? There are numerous nerves ending carefully distributed there. Well, most wives never find out the tips and tricks that make sex wildly passionate, and never learn how to truly entertain their husbands. In fact, many wives never discover how good sex can actually be. There are so many wonderful ways spouses can share provoking sex together. These ways can strengthen couples relationship and keep them in good sexual health.

For instance, while your husband is on the phone, stroll in, undress seductively in front of him or stand behind him, and take hold of his penis without saying a word and begin to stroke and kiss it. Make sure you are wearing a short transparent cloth with no underwear. Look up and tell him that, at some point, you are going to bend over, you want him to take you there and then, and you want it hot, sizzling and fiery.  Or you can bend over the arm of a sofa, and have your husband take you from behind. Make this move more passionate by sitting him down with his legs open, and lower yourself onto his open laps and make sure the penis goes straight into your vagina. If he does not miss his target, it will feel as if a parachute just entered you. Have him wrap his legs around your buttocks as you wrap yours around his waist, then lean away from each other with your hands flat behind you. Thrust back and forth while rotating your hips. Lightly take a caressing grip on the nipples of your husband during sex and calmly squeeze them concurrently with every thrust. The mix of erotic pleasure on his nipples and the pleasure of thrusting in and out undoubtedly takes many husbands over the top.

Wife, please, your husband penis is all yours as a tool to play with. Do not be afraid to touch it. Take hold of it in an erotic manner and playfully but gently run it over your neck, breasts, thighs, and tip of your vagina before returning it to your tongue. Act pleasurably by surprising him with some erotic groaning like ‘mmm’ or ‘ouch’ while touching his penis. This always enhances his performance.  Rub lotion along your inner thighs, and have him slide his penis in and out between them. When a wife fondles her breasts in the front of her husband, it turns an average sex into an awesome sex. If she now licks them or flicks her tongue toward her nipples, it becomes out of this world for many husbands. If you ask me, I will frankly tell you that these and many more are the tricks of ‘call girls.’ My question is this, why go for a call girl when the real girl can do better?

While in missionary position, wife, hold your husband by his buttocks and pull him in, and tell him to thrust faster until he climaxed, then after he has ejaculated, he should begin stroking your clitoris to make you reach orgasm. Some husbands love how it feels to enter you. Next time you have sex, ask him to pull out after 12 thrusts, and use your tongue to caress his penis for a few seconds. Then let him penetrate again. Most men have the most orgasm when their wives caress their scrotum concurrently when the man is thrusting in and out. Have you tried this out yet? What are you still waiting for? The torture of scrotal stimulation while they are inside their wives can be unexplainably splendid. So wives, whenever you make some gasping sound as your husband slips inside you, it is as if you have been aching for them all day. To regulate or control the thrusting movement, hold tighter for deeper penetration and gently rub to slow things down.  In missionary position, raise your legs straight up toward the ceiling, and close them together. This angle lets him go deeper and makes you feel tighter.  While lying side by side, grab one of his hands, and use it to stimulate your clitoris. Then take his other hand, and guide his first two fingers inside you. This positions your palm flat against his member’s sensitive underside. Then do a few things he cannot do himself, like whisper in his ear, kissing his ear lobes and kissing his back.

Some husbands have sex for different reasons and one of them is to be soothed and comforted. Giving your husband a quickie is like releasing a pent-up passion, a kind of like an earthquake.  It gets your husband’s adrenaline rushing, is over in a flash, and leaves him weak in the knees. Just pull his penis out of the opening in his boxers and push your panties aside. All you need for successful second round sex is start giving his penis undivided attention.

The best penis attention is a huge turn on for husbands, especially when they realized that their wives are enjoying the experience. The main trick of pleasuring the penis consist of sliding your mouth up and down on the head and shaft of the penis, letting your saliva provide the moisture necessary to do this smoothly. Beside the mouth, carefully placed hands also enhance the experience. Like the clitoris, the husband’s penis responds to different type of contacts, connections and interactions at different times on different locations and on different days. Sometimes fast and hard will turn him on the most, sometimes, he will prefer slow and soft.

On the outer side of the penis, just below the head and in the centre is the frenulum, this  is the most nerves-packed spot on the shaft, licking and rubbing this sensitive area will send shivers up your husband’s spine. You can bring your husband to orgasm simply by sliding the head of his penis and an inch or so of the shaft in and out of your mouth. There is no need to take in any more than what is comfortable for you. With just the head of the penis held loosely between your lips, tilt your head first to one side and then the other side so that your mouth massages the penis with either a quick or a slow circular stroke. Wow, I’m blushing already…

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