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Sunday, 22 September 2013

Still single... Probably Unapproachable...

You got your fab new dress on; 6-inch heels that are just to-die-for and let’s not forget your flawless make up. You’re hanging out with your girls at your favorite bar and having a blast.
You can no doubt notice the guys have got their eyes on you, it’s only a matter of time before one would come over and say hi right? You walk across the bar on your own a few times, just in case the guys are intimidated by the crowd of girls around you. Still nothing. You start to wonder if you were wrong about the dress, maybe the shoes are not the right color, or the mascara is starting to smear. Your self-confidence gradually starts to wane until eventually, you just can’t wait to leave the bar.
While you might look Fab and you feel like you are working it, sometimes to get the right attention, you need the right attitude. Being approachable now isn’t a question of looks but of the vibe you are giving off. A few things that can actually give off the wrong vibe- includes body language, posture and facial expressions. Continue...

Here are some tips to make you look, not only interested, but also interesting.  A little change here and there would immediately take you from looking like the sad, lonely girl in the bar, to the fab looking chic everyone can’t wait to chat with.
Smiling can never be overrated. No one says you have to plaster a silly grin on your face all night till your cheek hurts, but every once in a while, when you spot that cute cooking guy, throw a smile his way as this would give him the go-ahead to approach you.
Sometimes, you can get uncomfortable in a crowd and this might lead you to bring out your phone and start hitting the keys, even though you are actually doing nothing. The guy across the room does not know this, and he wouldn’t approach you knowing there’s a chance he won’t get a positive response, seeing as you’re “busy”.
You facial expressions can also give you away. Say you’ve had a bad day, or you are thinking about that one time your friend got you mad, these emotions actually reflect on your face and throws off the make-up you spent hours applying. Think happy thoughts. Radiating self-confidence, fun-loving spirit and fabulousity is something that comes from the inside. You have heard this time and time again “you look good when you feel good” :this is certainly true.
Research shows that about 90 percent of our communication is non-verbal, which means, you must watch the things you say when you are not actually speaking. So when the cutie finally comes around to say ‘hello’ remember these. Folding your arms and looking away during a conversation, is not only rude, but it lets him think that you are not interested in anything he has to say and that you would rather be anywhere else (even though the reverse is the case). Maintain eye contact (but not in an eerie way), smile genuinely and lean towards him instead of away, you will find that he would become more comfortable with you and enjoy your company.
Your lack of approachability could prevent you from making new friends, networking or even meeting Mr. Right. So before you assume that something as superficial as you wearing the wrong dress is keeping guys from approaching you, check your approachability factors.

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