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Saturday, 14 September 2013

50 tips on how to save money

Saving money is also a hard work and most of the people actually cannot do it properly. So they create some big problems in their life. Here is a list of 50 Tips on how you can save money:
1.Don't buy drinking water. Always keep safe drinking water in Bottle with you.

2. Don't buy unnecessary things.

3. Don't buy books. Borrow them from public libraries. Or if you want a book badly first search on old books market or Amazon's free book collection.

4. Avoid buying in hurry. Price check and double check before buying anything expensive.

5. Cook in your home. Hotel's food is one of the major cause behind wasting money of many people. Home food is good for health too.

6. If you have time and space try to make a small vegetable garden in your house.

7. Make your own Coffee or Tea. It's easy to make such things.

8. Avoid Junk foods and Cold drinks if you cab. These are unhealthy and cause many fatal diseases.

9. Make a budget and list before going to market.

10. Always keep your Monthly or Weekly financial budget.

11. Be intelligent in grocery shop. Try to go to grocery shop in the time of hurry to restrain yourself from buying unnecessary things.

12. Pay your bills and all other fees, taxes on time to avoid extra fees.

13. Pay off debt as early as possible. It is very important.

14. Avoid using excess mobile phone.

15. Cut off landlines if possible. You have Internet, so communication will not be hard.

16. Always be aware about your Bank balance.

17. Some ATM cards have annual fees. Avoid those cards.

18. Try to keep your car as long as possible.

19. Avoid buying new cars or other vehicles, if you have a good old one.

20. Avoid buying CD, DVD's. If you like DVD's much, be a member of online movie stores (like Netfix or Blockbuster online). It will save your lot of money.

21. For health reason and saving precious money please STOP SMOKING.

22. Be aware about electric use of your home and office. Unplug electric things (like TV) when they are not in use, not just switching off.

23. Stay away from lavish and high roller friends.

24. Sell your unused but good stuff. You can sell it through online or offline. Offline is better. For online selling search local "Buy Sell group" in Social sites like facebook.
25. If you know small hand works or something really attractive like drawing awesome cartoons, you can offer your work on fiverr.

26. If you have some more time you can look on 17 easy ways of earning online.

27. Always try to take breakfast and dinner at home.

28.The best and noble way of entertainment is Reading. So avoiding entertainment cost make a habit of reading.

29. Budget your vacation money and try to cut vacation spending.

30. Buy in Bulk.

31. Read about cloth washing and other things about cloths to make them last longer.

32. You can transform your house into a green building. It has a primary cost but in long run it will be environment friendly and money saving.

33. To clean something you can use distilled vinegar. It's cheap and non toxic.

34. Start saving money, create a habit of saving.

35. Set a saving goal in every month.

36. Don't waste anything in kitchen.

37. If you can try to buy directly from farmers from local market. Vegetables and other agricultural products of local markets are organic and healthy. Also they are comparatively cheap.

38. Make your own items if possible.

39. Keep money saver friends around you. Always take tips from them.

40. Do DIY (Do It Yourself) for home work. Search online for DIY home improvement blogs and ideas.

41. You can exercise in home. There are many tutorials in Youtubes and some other websites. So you can cancel your Gym membership.

42. Avoid lottery and other things like these. Don't be greedy. Believe in only hard working money. All other money is just bullshit.

43. Maintain a daily routine. It will restrain you from unnecessary stuff.

44. Be aware about your travel cost.

45. Avoid excess music. It's bad for health.

46. Always try to be near with nature and natural purity.

47. Stay motivated and increase your self esteem.

48. Never be frustrated, be self confident.

49. Don't try to cheat people to earn money. Never do harm people for your happiness. This happiness will kill you in the long run. Make good friends. Always be happy with them.
Try to make people laugh. Pure smile is always priceless.

50. At last, the known and best sentence about saving moneyCut your coat according to your coat.


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